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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tiana Theiss

My name is Tiana Theiss and I am a Retail Merchandising and Management student at UW-Stout. My concentrations include Buying and Product Management as well as Fashion Marketing. I am also pursuing a minor in Business Administration. It is an honor having the opportunity to partake in such a culturally enriching experience. I am thrilled to be immersed into China's rich culture and learn about Kohl's and Li & Fung's international business relationship!

While studying abroad in Scotland, I came to understand the importance of keeping an open mind, being prepared, and staying flexible when presented with exhilarating opportunities such as this unique program. What I hope to learn from this experience is insight into the manufacturing, sourcing, and supply chain processes and how these are impacted from corporate office decisions on a daily basis. It is certainly a pleasure to be venturing overseas with such a diverse group of students from both UW-Stout and UW-Madison. I look forward to building great relationships and experiencing unforgettable memories altogether!

This truly is an incredible once in a lifetime opportunity that is indescribable. Thank you to Kohl's for funding this opportunity! And thank you to Li & Fung, Kohl's Center for Retailing Excellence, UW-Madison, and UW-Stout faculty for making this opportunity a reality!

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